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Marion’s Artree is a fundraising initiative to raise money to research for a cure for Meniere’s Disease ( and to support Meniere’s Australia ( who provide support and counselling for people suffering from Meniere’s Disease.

Money will be raised by selling works of art with a Christmas theme and Art Christmas Decorations: the decorations will be handmade by Artists, Craftworkers and Designers then generously donated for sale on Artrees proposed around the country.

Marion’s Artree is named in honour of the organiser’s sister who passed away in 2008. Marion suffered from Meniere’s Disease right up until she passed away aged 49, suffering regular sustained attacks that were increasing in ferocity. Marion’s Artree also acknowledges Marion’s great passion and support, not only for the Arts but for life, justice and humanity. So my aim is to create a fun happy event to celebrate what a wonderful, loved, inspirational and generous sole Marion was.

Meniere’s Disease is a condition of the inner ear which is characterised by sudden and recurring violent attacks of unrelenting vertigo, often lasting for hours and in more extreme cases, days. It is also associated with nausea and vomiting together with hearing loss, tinnitus and a blocked up feeling in the affected ear. Between attacks, sufferers will be in good health, although are often very anxious about when the next attack may occur.